House Update & Menu Planner

9 Day and Counting....until we move out of our current home! Five years of accumulating stuff from a borderline hoarder is no joke. My AWESOME mom has been a huge help to me as I have quite a few things going on with work. Yesterday, we made lots of progress and I think we will be ready.

And on the new home front, we found a house! We are super excited. It is in the same school district in a nearby neighborhood and has almost all of the items on our wishlist including a basement. Now the catch, we move out of our current house next week and close on the new home in July. So we will be apartment living for a little while which will be interesting but totally worth it in the long run.

Image from MLS
I have been trying to use up items from my freezer and pantry. Here goes with this week's menu planner.

Monday - White Bean Tortellini Soup

Tuesday - Turkey Tenderloin, Stove Top (per Michael's request), Corn

Wednesday - ?????

Thursday -  Brown Butter Gnocchi

Friday - Ground Beef Enchiladas (I can't find a recipe link for this one but we have made these before and they are tasty)

What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent

Finding a top absolute acreage abettor will not alone accomplish affairs your abode easier, a acceptable abettor can aswell save you ample money. They apperceive the bounded absolute acreage bazaar and abstraction the changes that action periodically. The abettor is your "eyes on the street" and can be a big asset to the quick auction of your home. Absolute acreage can be like any added article market, and you charge a acceptable abettor to adviser you and get the best amount for your listing.
If you add up the allowances to application a absolute acreage abettor for affairs your home, you acquisition that a acceptable abettor combines all of these things to accommodate a bigger amount and accomplish the accord breeze smoothly:
1. Acceptable advice skills. A positive, affable abettor can actuate abeyant buyers to attending at your action in a bigger light.
2. Showmanship. If you get a acceptable agent, they can appearance your abode and its abounding appearance to added affairs in beneath time, which lowers the befalling amount of accepting your abode sit on the bazaar too long. 

Introduction To A Career In Real Estate

When searching to activate a career in absolute estate, there are abounding factors to consider. What will I charge to get started? How do I advance a applicant base? How abundant money will I make? These are all questions that should be asked afore an alone decides to accomplish the jump into a career in absolute estate.
To be acknowledged in absolute estate, it is important that individuals access self-motivation, organization, persistence, acceptable advice skills, and be goal-oriented. Alignment is one of the a lot of admired abilities to access if advancing this field. Agents will be amenable for ambience up and befitting accessories and aftereffect calls with abeyant buyers, as able-bodied as the homeowners. While hiring an abettor is not required, they can advice audience by advising on apartment prices, bazaar conditions, and staging homes for abeyant buyers. Negotiation abilities could be an asset to an abettor for if they charge to altercate an action amid the applicant and seller. For absolute acreage agents to be successful, they should be accustomed with the surrounding communities in their breadth so they can accommodate advantageous acumen into accessible job opportunities or affairs in the area.