What's your letter?

I saw this letter wreath on Pinterest a while back and decided to give it a whirl. I have always loved the ones seen in Ballard Designs but didn't want to spend the money. Although it looks like they are on sale now for $29.00 which isn't too bad.
I got my letter at Hobby Lobby. They were around $12 but I had a 40% off coupon so I paid a little over $7. Then the garland was 50% off at Hobby Lobby and I bought it 15 feet long.

At first I started wrapping it all the way around and it was too cumbersome and I quickly ran out of garland. So I started doing the front only and zigzagging it around the S. I used my glue gun and staple gun to hold it in place.

Then I decided to hang it on my back storm door and so the back would be visible when leaving our house.  I went back with some cheap Dollar Tree garland (one package was the exact right amount) and glued it to the back of the S.

I attached it with ribbon also found at Hobby Lobby.

And voila! It was pretty easy. I am happy with the results.

Back Door Guests Are Best

We have all seen those signs. Thankfully I don't have one to share with you. But in all seriousness most people come in our back door so I felt like it was time for a minor spruce up.

Here we have before

And after

I love my $12.50 planter from Lowes. Read more here
Yes, I would love a new storm door but that's not in the budget right now and you have to work with what you got! We have all of our Christmas decorating done and check back tomorrow I will post details on the S wreath shown above.

Found Today

I was out shopping this morning and ran across the horses below at Garden Ridge. I thought they were cool for the right space. The smaller ones are $19.99.

I also ran across these planters at Lowes. I bought the large one. I have been looking for a back door planter for months and was thrilled with this one for 50% off.

Thanksgiving in Pictures

With the recent election, Camille has turned to polling. This one is "which do you like better...Halloween or Christmas." As you can see Christmas wins by a landslide and Clyde has two loveys so they both got a vote!  
I made these for our Thanksgiving celebrations

The finished product

Coloring pages found via this pin on Pinterest.

Doll houses from cardboard boxes...as you can see both loveys have been put to bed. 

This provided so much entertainment!
60 glasses for my Mom's birthday! 
Found at Diversity Thrift for 10 cents a piece! I bought 19 of them. 
Love the detail and vintage handmade look! 
Also found this at Diversity Thrift....but could only find one. I really wanted to do some more scouring but the fam was yelling to leave! I love it and it has no markings or anything to search for another online. It reminds me of the ones found here on Little Green Notebook and I would love to have two for either side of some artwork in my dining room. 
Christmas Tree in Lobby of Hotel Roanoke. First picture taken with my new iPhone! Woohoo! Love that thing. 

Downtown Roanoke. We ate at this great restaurant called Metro.

Chilly willy game in Blacksburg that resulted in a loss for the Hoos! Boo! And the need for....
Battery operated socks. My friend Lindley came prepared! I may have to invest for the next Blacksburg trip. 
Our tailgating spot was in the backyard of this house where Michael lived his last year of college. I remember many a trip to this house to his faux wood paneled room and tiny bathroom shared by 3 college guys! No good. 

Menu Planner

Monday - Tex-Mex chilaquiles

Tuesday - Hamburger Stew served with blueberry muffins

Wednesday - Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas

Thursday - Brown Butter Gnocchi

Friday - Chili from the freezer

We had a great Thanksgiving and weekend away.  I will post pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Happy Birthday to my fabulous Mom! She turns 60 today. Doesn't she look great? She is really the best. 

In other news, I get my new iPhone on Friday. Woot! Woot! Seriously can't wait to upgrade from my blackberry. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving day. 

Easy Update


And After.....

I finally found a spot for my owl bookends. I like this better than the monkey which was broken in the back. I found the dish at a yard sale and the books for $1 each at the Habitat Restore. I just went there for the first last week and will be going back. There is so much stuff there. Here are a few pictures from my trip.

Tons of Bird Candle Holders. They say $30 as the original price and Restore has them for $4.99

I contemplated this for a long time. It was $25 and I have been on the hunt for a new 3 drawer dresser for our bedroom. But I left it in the store. I was worried it may be slightly too large for our space. 

New artwork...can't remember the price $10 or less I think. 

Tons of College Sports Goods and all of those Wine Glasses have Fleur de Lis' on them. 
And there was more...this was just a small sampling. Check it out! 

Random Thoughts

I am skipping the menu planner this week. Not too many meals to plan because of Thanksgiving and we are having dinner out Tuesday for my mom's 60th birthday. We are going to Lemaire at the Jefferson! Can't wait!

We had this salmon a few weeks ago and I am making it again tonight. It is delicious!

On Friday, Michael and I are off to the Hotel Roanoke for the night. We made this trip a few years ago and I loved it because everything was decorated for Christmas! I am really excited for a getaway. Then Saturday morning we are headed to Blacksburg to see UVA v Tech! GO HOOS! Many thanks to Neena and Moe who are watching Camille and Clyde.

We had a good weekend but I did have to tame this mess today! Camille was thrilled because we went through and sorted all the babydoll/Mimi clothes. She wanted one bin with baby accessories and supplies and the other with clothes.

Notice the bedskirt on the floor. Read about that here.

One final thought for this random post, we took our Christmas card picture this weekend and it was surprisingly stress free. We purchased a $12 tripod on Amazon and took it with just us in the backyard. Very low stress and everyone cooperated. Much better than trying to get someone to capture that "perfect" moment.

A good slipper?

 I love a good slipper. That sounds strange doesn't it? Anyway, since I work from home and on a daily basis balance my children, my house and my job I like to be warm and comfortable. I have been slipper shopping for the past month or so and can't pull the trigger. Here's what I've uncovered. 

Lands' End

Slipperooz by Kohls

Sequins Bow Tuxedo from Kohls

I have had the Lands'End Skimmer in my cart on numerous occasions but didn't purchase. I think I will end up getting those but I also really want either the pink from Gap or the JCREW Moc. A dressy slipper and a casual slipper? This is sounding crazy maybe I need to get out more.  Any others I need to consider?

Menu Planner

Sunday - Kate's Italian Sausage Pasta

Monday - Chicken Tinga Tostados

Tuesday - Homemade Pizza (Bacon, Chicken, Mozzarella with Ranch Dressing as Sauce), Pepperoni for C & C

Wednesday - Turkey Salisbury Steak with White Bean Mash

Thursday - Burgers & French Fries

It only took a year....

I have had fabric to make Camille's bed skirt for her room since last November. So one year later, I am getting around to making the skirts. I gave you a sneak peak of the fabric here.

Here is a reminder of what her room looked like last September after we added curtains and some other things.

And here it is now. We moved the bed up against the wall so she would have more room to play.  I went ahead and made the three sides of the bed skirt because when we have guests I move the bed slightly out from the wall. Still tight little quarters in there but what are you going to do. Win the lottery and buy a bigger house???

I did the skirt on a tension rod because of her bed frame. There were metal strips holding up the box spring so you couldn't run anything along the inside of the wood frame. The tension rod has fallen down what seems like 100 times in the week we have had it up so hopefully this won't drive me crazy. I got these flimsy rods from Joann's because it was all they had. I may look for some sturdier ones. Suggestions welcome!

Now the rug is really standing out and doesn't seem to fit. But I feel like I should just let my children destroy the rugs and furniture we already have before investing in new. Some days it feels like it is their goal to destroy everything we have one item at a time.

I found some great fabric at U-Fab for $20 total (7 yards!!!!) for a bed skirt in our master. Hopefully, I will make it before next November.

Our visit with Barney

Camille's class this year has a bear named Barney that travels home with the kids on the weekend. He comes with a suitcase, a bedtime story and a journal to record your activities with Barney. Last weekend, Barney came to our house. I am not sure he ever left Camille's side. She is such a little mommy and dressed him in outfits, made a bed for him and came up with stuff for him to do. It was really cute. I have posted our journal entry below. 

Camille & Barney

I was so excited to bring home Barney Bear for the weekend. My brother, Clyde and I love to ride our bikes. We wanted Barney to share in the fun and added him to my bike basket with my other friend, Mimi. Clyde decided to add his Build a Bear to his bike so Barney wouldn’t feel left out. 

Barney & Mimi are becoming fast friends.

I put Barney in the first of many outfits. This one was borrowed from Baby Alive.

Next, I introduced Barney to all of my other stuffed animals.

Now Barney is ready for bed. I got him a lovey so he wouldn’t be lonely. 
The next morning, we got Barney up and dressed. It was chilly that morning so we made sure he had a hat.  He went to breakfast with my family at Einsteins. He likes bagels.

Later that day, we took Barney to Cedarfield where both my great-grandmother’s live. Here he is with my grandmother, Gammy & one of my great-grandmothers, Gigi.

I took this picture of my mommy, Barney and my other great grandmother, Gaga.

Mommy didn’t feel like cooking, so we took Barney out to Buzz & Ned’s for dinner. I am not sure that he liked the BBQ. 
I had the best time with Barney this weekend. I am so happy he came for a visit.

The next pictures didn't make the journal but I thought they were too cute not to post. She was so serious about taking care of Barney.